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engage exercise to your lifestyle

CHIEF App on mobile devices!

UMCH Technology allows you to keep track of your and your family health information and store it online securely at https://www.umchtech.com You can track your weight, food intake, blood pressure, heart rate,oxygen concentration and sleep progress to help you stay on the path to fitness.

CHIEF Android

Activity module

CHIEF App is a simple and convenient popular App. It can be synchronized with your activity Tracker’s data. Using activity function, you can clearly see your exercise time duration, distance, calories burned and so on. Activity forecasting is available in different levels of aggregation: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. In order to make your data more comprehensive, you can manually add a number of exercise activities, and obtain calorie consumption data.

Body module

CHIEF App can synchronize data with smart scales, and through scientific algorithm calculate the percentage of body fat and water, BMI, BMR and other data. In the Body module, you can check the body data in the specified selected time.

Food module

For a successful weight loss and fitness program, a balanced diet is very important. Food module helps you estimate food calories and analyze your diet for health-care. In this module, calorie can be autocalculate through the food pictures taken by camera or user can select the food type base on exist food database. The Food module enables you to record your food diary in line with your fitness program.

Mind module

Good sleep, can make you full of energy to face learning and life. In Mind module, you can record sleep data collected by the smart tracker that can show your sleep situation, so that you know more about your sleep, and improve your sleep quality.

Social and Total Health Score modules

Using CHIEF App, you can set different goals, track your real-time progress of data, and display your analyzed data. Through online communication with loved ones, you can share your success stories. Here, you can have more fun.